Board of Directors and Policy


Pamela Levi

President - Effective January 1


Phone  843-276-7050

David Compton.jpg

David Compton

Vice President - Effective January 1


Phone  703-928-8605

Sharon Keene.jpg

Sharon Keene

Treasurer, Effective January 1


Phone 843-814-4385

Raymond Paskaskas.jpg

Raymond Paskauskas



Phone 843-518-0387

John Redant_edited.jpg

John Redant

Board Member

Membership, Music

Phone  843-276-2037

Spring Garden Party BDC 2015_edited.jpg

Marcia Hessert

Board Member



Phone 843-270-5897

Michelle Wilcox.jpg

Michelle Wilcox

Board Member

Website and Publicity


Board Elections and Policy

Board members recently elected for the 2020 - 2022 term are Sharon Keene, David Compton, and Raymond Paskauskas. All terms begin Jan 1. 


Pamela Levi was appointed to fill the vacancy of Connie Vance.


Since we are a chapter of USA Dance, we follow their main policy and guidelines.  In addition to that, we have a chapter policy that applies to our unique situations in regard to parties, classes, instructors.

Ballroom Dance Charleston, Ch. 6021

2408 Ashley River Road

Charleston, SC  29414