Due to the increased rate of COVID-19 transmission and hospitalizations in the Low Country the following urgent motion to the board was proposed for review, debate and vote by e-mail as outlined in the Operating Policy, Article VII, Section (3):

This motion was approved by the Board and is now in place.


Starting on September 11, 2021 until further notice, all members and non-members attending either (1) a weekend night dance party or (2) a group instruction class must show proof of vaccination for COVID-19 by presenting at the reception table or to the group class instructor either the original vaccination card, a digital photo of the card, or a photocopy of the vaccination card.  Anyone who is unvaccinated, or cannot provide proof of vaccination, will be required to wear a proper face mask.  Otherwise, they will be denied admission.  Masks will be made available at the door for unvaccinated attendees.  The board will maintain a list of individuals proving their vaccination status to facilitate processing at future dance parties and group classes.